Suspect Technologies aims to continuously improve the security, safety of people and access to services by using computer vision technology. Its solutions enhance the collective values of security, safety, efficiency and convenience. It is currently scaling as the face company of law enforcement.


Currently the company offers video and audio redaction services to police agencies.

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Protect Content

In the public sector, law enforcement agencies currently spend millions of hours redacting people’s faces and identities in videos. It is a very painful and time-consuming process.

Verify Identities

Identity fraud will grow to amount to over 30 billion dollars in damage this year. Some form of identity fraud happens once every 2 seconds. In law enforcement, this is especially prevelant. There is currently no good way of identifying people.

Secure Property

Next generation AI and Cameras for securing goods & property. Facial Recognition from a distance.

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Content Protection

- Law Enforcement Police Agencies

Identity Management

- In Field Facial Recognition

Property Security

- Airport Entry - CBP Entry/Exit


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